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Interactive Courses

Our mission is to develop the best technology-enabled education and make it accessible to all. Therefore, we designed an educational experience in a distinctive and sophisticated way through interaction and answering different types of questions that enable the student to consolidate information and gradually raise the level of the student's skills and understand them in a simplified way away from complexity.تفاعلي-انجليزي.gif

Try the latest learning methods anytime, anywhere

Fun learning

It is difficult to motivate people while studying online, so we will make your experience so enjoyable that learners would rather learn new skills than play.

Fun, easy and effective courses designed by experts for you.

An educational experience tailored to you

By combining the best in educational technology and language sciences, our courses are designed to help you learn at your own level and pace.

Keep your enthusiasm

We make it easy to turn learning a new skill into a daily habit, with game-like features and fun challenges.

Enjoy it!

Effective learning doesn’t have to be boring! Improve your skills daily with fun exercises

Live Courses

Learn anywhere, anytime with highly qualified and internationally accredited professional trainersمباشر-انجليزي.gif

Direct courses with individual or collective lecturers and experts, whether in the training hall or remotely, or both, with the possibility of registering for direct courses at multiple times or private lessons with professors from whom the student chooses. A recorded copy of the training program is also available that can be returned to at any time

Global Studies has a variety of training methods:

Training hall
Remote training
Remote and Training Room

Lectures are recorded

All courses you attended are recorded and added to your account for reference and review at any timeمباشر-انجليزي.gifاختبار-انجليزي.gif

The Exams

Whether you are preparing yourself for international exams or want to evaluate your skills with the possibility of obtaining an international certificate.
The exams are designed to simulate various international exam models, and the exams section is available to comply with all types of exams:اختبار-انجليزي.gif
Placement tests
Progress tests
Final exams
Certification preparation exams

The test also takes into account all requirements and conditions in accordance with internationally approved standards

Course library

Certifications may make you a better future.
And you are the biggest part of what's to comeمكتبة-الدورات-انجليزي.gif

The course library was developed to achieve our vision of creating a unique electronic learning experience that encourages learners to focus on the educational content, in simple ways to help them pursue their educational attainment or raise their skills, and with exercises and activities for the subject.

High quality content

Acquire the skills required in the labor market with a selection of the best experts and trainers.

Flexible learning

You can learn now, whether you are at home, at work, or even in a coffee shop, through your personal computer or mobile phone.

Professional readiness

Distinguish yourself with new skills to compete in the labor market.

A wide range of training courses and diplomas in different fields with an accredited certificate

scientific articles

Video: Professionally recorded courses with exercises

Text: E-books designed by a group of the best experts and trainersمكتبة-الدورات-انجليزي.gif