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Course library

It enjoys recorded and text courses in various scientific and administrative fields, internationally accredited certificates and diplomas to develop the skills of trainees and learners, and discussion forums with the possibility of obtaining an accredited certificate from European and American institutions and universities for all courses from Global Studies after completing the course and passing the test.مكتبة-الدورات.gif

Each course contains:

Integrated section filtering (by rating - level - lesson type - language - evaluation) with quick search
Providing a system of discounts and discounts for courses
Diplomas containing several courses with a special certificate for the diploma
An integrated description of each course, along with a video or image for the course
Discussion forum section for each course for discussion between teacher and students
Course questions and answers
The possibility of adding attachments to each course (books - audio files - videos .. etc.)
Adding exercises for each course containing several types of questions (true or false - choose the correct answer - arrangement - connection - conversation)
A final exam for each course to obtain the certificate
A special link for the student’s certificate with a verification number, with the possibility of downloading it as a pdf file, and providing the service of shipping the certificate

Interactive courses

Learning in a distinctive and sophisticated way through interaction and answering different types of questions that enable the student to consolidate information and gradually raise the level of the student's skills and understand them in a simplified way away from complexity.الدورات-التفاعلية.gif

It contains many types of interactive questions that support adding attachments (images – audio files – pdf – office files)

Text conversation question with the addition of a direct voice to the conversation and the possibility of translation and the addition of text spaces exercise
Listening and speaking question, through which the student can listen to the text and record his voice several times
Listening and writing question with entering the correct sentence for the audio recording with the advantage of choosing the number of wrong letters to be tolerated with the answer
Connection question to connect sentences and correct words
Question blanks with the possibility of adding blanks to the text in an unlimited number
Word order question with text type feature Arabic (right to left) or Latin language (left to right)
A multiple choice question to ask a question with the possibility of choosing more than one correct answer to the questionتفاعلي-انجليزي.gifمباشر-انجليزي.gif

Direct courses

Individual or group direct courses with lecturers and experts, whether in the training hall or remotely, or both, with the possibility of registering for direct courses at multiple times or private lessons with professors from whom the student chooses. A recorded copy of the training program is also available that can be returned to at any time.الدورات-المباشرة.gif
Choose experts or consultants and distinguish them within the platform to book individual sessions or lessons with them
Direct chat with the professor to inquire before booking the live lesson
Online payment from the student's balance within the platform to participate in the course
Create live courses with multiple timings, specifying the exact number of students in each timing
Selecting a professor for each course directly, with setting the dates for the sessions of both types, online, physically, or a combination of the two
Attendance and absence system for students within the direct session
Each professor can choose the appropriate dates for him to book with the acceptance and rejection of each session request along with the session price
The possibility of booking a package of 10 sessions together from the student instead of booking one session only
The alert bell for the student and the teacher about the live lesson updates
Integrated filtering of courses (by rating - level - time - language - evaluation)

the exams

The exams are designed to simulate various international exam models, and the exams section is designed to comply with all types of exams
Also, the student can apply for direct tests based on his previous experience, while obtaining accredited certificates from European institutions and universities
The exam also takes into account all the requirements and conditions of the tests in accordance with internationally approved standardsالاختبارات.gif
An international standardized test system that includes a countdown timer and question numbering
Dividing the tests into several sections with the possibility of setting a result for each section in addition to a final result of the test
Facilitate the user's experience in the test with a note button to return to the question during the test
The test result appears at the end of the test for the student
The arrival of an email to the platform admin and the student with the test result within the PDF file
The ability to create all types of tests (progress tests - pre-tests - final tests - placement tests)
Register and start the test without the need to log in to the platformاختبار-انجليزي.gif