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Customized Training Courses in Doha, Qatar

The Global Studies takes pride in being the chosen training provider for an ever-growing number of businesses throughout the Middle east.


If you are interested in business studies, you have some bookish knowledge, but you lack the practical implications and training, then we are the only ones who can possibly help you grow. We, the global studies organization, provide online courses to our talented and intelligent students. We certainly believe that the changing world and this eventful generation have no time to give a break to their busy lives and attend typical classes. So we have provided the opportunity to get trained, under our skilled, experienced, and highly educated staff so that, you can take your business to heights. We not only offer custom training programs with recognized qualifications, but conduct seminars to discuss the course in detail too. 

We are not only keen to make our customers feel valued by providing high quality training courses, but also provide customized venues and facilities to them.


We are not only interested in giving best quality and best results, but we are also determined to keep our clients satisfied. Clients are more like a family to us, finding the best solution to your problems is our main goal. For this purpose, we custom our programs, according to your goals and strategy, set the priority of your programs selected, establish the qualitative program evaluation criteria and build a program portfolio that suits you unsurpassed.


We offer a complete, variety of programs that suit your interests, on well-situated locations worldwide. Our courses are not only available for you, in Asia but also in UK, USA and Middle East. We make sure, that our talented clients get all the training, guidance, leadership details, and skills that they deserve. Our expert opinions and support, stays with you at every step you take in the betterment of your business. We plan and carry out the in-house training programs to organizations and governments. Our high quality training and experience ensures that you run, administer, and manage the business well so, that it maximizes the profit.


Our determined work makes it sure that learners can create a real change in their running business. Furthermore, we deliver online or e-lectures that suits the way of learning style of clients. The merge of theory, role play, practice presentations and innovative exercises gives you complete practical knowledge, to aid it more, our online lectures with both video and audio facilities are available 24/7 on our easily accessible website. So, that client can gain as much knowledge from us as possible. Apart from this, online class ambiance and environment, supplementary study material, and additional notes are available on our online portal too. 

Another way that makes us unique and best among the rest is our online or e-learning/training . Other from online lectures, syllabus review and question answer session is conducted, online, to satisfy the student and provide him as much knowledge as he can grasp. We deliver knowledge and not merely sell it. We do not depart any way that can make you feel comfortable.


The training, our organization’s tireless efforts provide, is best for employees and managers to organize the business. Training is much needed in any organization, so that it can help in developing better structures, assisting employees in planning and succession planning, helping in attracting and retaining the staff, and using scarce resources of development and training well, etc. 

Look through our list of courses to see which would most benefit you or your business. Register your interest by contacting [email protected]

Funded Training

Whether it is small to medium enterprises, or the well-established ones, they form the very backbone of today’s economy. With companies ranging from sole proprietorships to private limited organizations, professional training courses for employees, and even business and management courses for the employers have always held high value, and therefore, been appreciated. In order for a company, irrespective of whether it is working off of its humble beginnings, or whether it is already thriving, in-house training holds s significance because a growing business can at any time outgrow the skills of its own people, even the founders. Of course one wouldn’t dream of slowing down the growth process; hence, the only plausible solution is to ensure proper training for all those involves, at every step of the growth ladder. At Global Studies, we understand how daunting it can be to take on the heavy responsibilities that come with managing a business, and the fact that every business has different needs and demands to meet. That is why we have here customized training courses for business organizations of every kind, helping them grow in a way that helps the employees grow as well.