Change orientation

With a fresh and innovative approach, our team of developers can work with your organisation to create e-learning content which more than surpasses your expectations.

We will work with you to:

  • Align content to ensure it clearly identifies your organisation’s learning needs
  • Build new, fresh and innovative content with animation, video content and games
  • Ensure the content is delivered to meet the needs of staff and other key stakeholders
  • Gain staff feedback and set out a short, medium and long-term plan for future development if needed.

Our team has all the skills and experience to create your e-learning content from start to finish. With an in-house team of authors, graphic designers, web developers and learning experts, the product you receive will be of the highest standard.


With a suite of qualifications and accredited content, we have close relationships with a number of awarding bodies. Global Studies can accredit your content with an awarding body of your choice by authoring and building a course to match a recognised framework. We will make sure it meets the necessary standard and take it through an accreditation process, whether the course is a full qualification or CPD recognised.

We currently work with:

  • ATHE
  • Benglish
  • IQN
  • CPD.

Client Case Study

Skillin and Global Studies collaborated to develop a compliant e-learning qualification to ensure skillin staff in the Events area of the business were given the appropriate skills and knowledge in order to provide security and stewarding at some of the world's most famous events.

Our innovative approach saw a successful roll out of e-learning to staff across the UK and included multiple benefits, such as:

  • Cost savings of over £280,000
  • Over 1,000 skilled staff qualified to steward at any major UK event
  • An innovative and interactive e-learning which met both internal policies and external regulations.

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