Global Studies Dashboard Features

The platform features four languages that you can activate and disable for all sections of the platform as needed

Statistics interface:واجهة-الإحصائيات.png
Integrated statistics on the number of trainees, trainers, teaching requests, the number of courses in the entire platform and the amount of subscriptions
With the possibility of filtering by week, month and year, and it can be customized according to the required dates


Integrated management of the course library on your platform with the following features:الدورات.png
Create courses in multiple languages
Video or text Text
Compatible with Microsoft office 365
Division of course units and lessons of each course with eight types of questions
Design a full options certificate for each course
Multiple course test options (exam time - question system..)الدورات.pngالاختبارات.png

The Exams

An integrated test system to add tests with multiple features:الاختبارات.png
Introduction test conditions
Possibility to add test levels
Adding more than one certificate for each test
Reopen test submission for the student
countdown timer
Free tests and paid tests


A diploma or specialization usually requires studying more than one course to obtain the required experience, and the Global Studies platform provides this with the required advantagesالدبلومات.png
Add a diploma with a choice of its own courses
Compatible with the academic and professional system
Designing a diploma certificate after completing all courses
Free and paid diplomasالدبلومات.pngطلبات-التدريس.png

Teaching requests and joining the education team:طلبات-التدريس.png
Through which teachers are received and employed in order to give lessons and courses within the Global Studies platform
With the ability to send a resume - a video - and personal information to each advanced teacher

Managing user accounts, whether it is a student or a trainer, the powers of each user, records and payment transactions for each user
With managing groups and divisions and identifying the coach and trainees for each divisionإدارة-حسابات-المتسخدمين.pngالمقالات.png


A special section for blogs to enrich the visitor with multiple and useful informationالمقالات.png
Commenting and rating system
The ability to add several articles for each trainer or blogger

A discussion forum is available for each course within the course library
To activate the educational discussion among the trainees on the topics of the same course
With the ability to follow and manage forums from the control panelالمنتديات.pngالخطط-الدراسية.png

Study plans:الخطط-الدراسية.png
Let your teaching team develop a study plan for each group of trainees that suits their abilities and specializations
With the possibility of adding courses and tests from all departments to study plans

Payment Methods:

The platform provides multiple payment methods to receive course subscription payments or to recharge trainees' balance, such as:طرق-الدفع.png
Bank Transfer: With Transfer Receipt Review System

In addition to the possibility of adding custom payment methods according to your requestطرق-الدفع.pngبنرات-المنصة.png

Platform banners:بنرات-المنصة.png
The possibility of adding banners to the four main sections of the platform and the Articles section containing advertisements or expressing sections of the platform


Use coupons to facilitate the recharge and promotion process through discount coupons and use them to register for specific courses with multiple advantages:الكوبونات.png
Determine the effective date of the coupon
Determine how often to use it
Determine if the coupon is a credit on the platform or for registration in specific courses
Locate special coupons for trainersالكوبونات.pngواجهة-المنصة.png

Platform interfaces:واجهة-المنصة.png
The platform is characterized by the presence of multiple interfaces that you can request to choose from for your platform and replace it at any time to change the look of the platform to comply with the vision and goals of your organization and your brand.

Page management:

Enjoy full customization of your profile pages and sectionsادارة-الصفحات.png
Managing the sections of the home page (slides - features - articles - evaluation of trainees - partners)
Customize pages (about the platform - contact us)
Arranging and adding new pages to the platform's header and footer with custom linksادارة-الصفحات.pngالتقارير.png

Monitor the performance and activities of your platform in an integrated manner through detailed reports on the trainees and trainers and the amount of subscriptions within a specific date, with the ability to download them as an excel file

Office Compatibility:التوافق-مع-اوفيس.png
The platform supports the opening and use of all types of Office files (Word - Excel - Power Point) to be used within the platform courses and exercises, which achieves smoothness and great ease in designing and implementing courses on the platform.التوافق-مع-اوفيس.png

Marketing department (Affiliate):
Start activating the marketing system for your marketers with link marketing or direct marketing by creating student accounts with the following features:
They receive a commission rate with each subscription they have to the courses within the platform
They receive a commission percentage with each new student account registration
Review complete marketing and sales reports for the three levels
Three levels of the marketing team (leader - managers - marketers) and each group gets its own commission
Manage marketing ratios for groups and manage the team from the control panel
A complete library to add ads designs and videos for marketers

Notification Center:
Notify your students of all developments by sending them customized notifications via e-mail or the notification bell within their account
The possibility of sending notifications to a specific group of students or students of a specific course
The ability to schedule notification messages with a specific date and time
Create templates for notices by topic or occasion

Subscription packages section:
Your students can now subscribe to the package suitable for them for each section of the platform and renew it with each expiration date
The advantage of being able to customize and write custom items and a picture of the package
Choose specific courses within the package
Determine a period of time for the package subscription or a specific expiration date for the subscription
Notifying the student of the end of the package via an email and a banner in his account to renew the subscription

Tours Section:
Add several questions as a tour that appears at the beginning of the visitor's entry to the platform
So that he can choose his preferences and the appropriate courses appear for him directly
The student can skip the tour if he wants to
It is possible to customize more than one round and adopt one of them to appear by default to the visitors of the platform
The proposed courses are sent to the student's email after the end of the tour, and the student's result appears on the control panel