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About us

Global Studies is one of the internationally most successful providers of technology-enabled training and skills solutions.

We support educators, employers and learners across the internationally, by developing and delivering effective and innovative skills training and published educational content.

Global Studies has a variety of innovative products and services for your organisation

Working with Employers

Supporting workforce development throughout the UK and internationally, we are constantly developing new, innovative and engaging ways to deliver learning and training to maintain our market leading status. Having worked with over 4,000 organisations, we are committed to finding the right solution for any business.

Helping Individuals reach their goals

With numerous courses available, we help individuals to increase their skill set. Whether it be for job opportunities or to simply gain knowledge of a certain subject, Global Studies's nationally recognised qualifications are available for the public to buy on our site. Enabling people to get exactly what they need to make their next step in life.

Learning Provider Sector Work

GS delivers a number of innovative products and services to colleges, including:

Online learning solutions

High quality and affordable paper-based and online learning materials

Lectures in different places of the world

More then 500 courses to your college 

About Us